How to Import Trustwallet Wallet Account To Metamask

Dloplop - Trustwallet can't add RPC costumes to work on testnet? The solution is to import your wallet into Metamask.

How to import wallet - Trustwallet to Metamask

Previously we have discussed how to install a metamask wallet on an android browser, Well now we will discuss how to import a Trustwallet wallet into Metamask

Open the Metamask extension wallet in your browser 

You can also use the application version of the Metamask wallet, you just need to download the application through the Playstore to be safe. 

download metamask

But I myself am more comfortable using the browser extension version of the Metamask wallet.

Open Metamask wallet 

After the Metamask wallet is open then you select the Import Wallet section using the secret recovery password (left menu)

Menu import phrase

Open Trustwallet App

Open your Trustwallet wallet application to get the secret recovery phrase, the trick is to go to the Settings section of Trustwallet (gear image) > Click on the very top (wallets)

Trustwallet setting

Select the wallet that you want to move to Metamask, then on the right click on (three dots)

Choose the wallet to import

An option will appear then you select the show secret phrase menu if a confirmation appears, you check all the options and then enter your wallet password to continue viewing the phrase code. 

show secret phrase

After passing this stage, a secret recovery recipe will appear, you copy the recovery phrase and then 

Back to Metamask

Your metamask will appear in the menu to fill in the recovery preset, because we will import from your Trustwallet, select the 12 words (The phrase mine has 12-words)

Submit recovery prasa on metamask

Paste the recovery preset that you copied from Trustwallet, how to press on column number 1 in the metamask menu as above (first box) then click paste.

Don't forget you also have to enter a new password and confirm the password. Then after that click Import.

Congratulations you have successfully imported your wallet from Trust Wallet to Metamask and it is ready to use. 

Successfully import wallet to metamask

Hopefully this tutorial on how to move an import wallet is easy to understand and thank you for visiting.

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