What is an Airdrop in Cryptocurrency and how is it explained


Airdrop types based on rewards

Airdrops Of Many Types

1. First Come First Serve ( FCFS )

FCFS airdrops that whoever is the fastest working on the task he will win , and usually not until 1 day is immediately completed.

2. Random Participants

Airdrop with the Type 'Random' usually the winner is only a few and depends on eachhokian, for example ' random 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000 and some even random 50000 - 100000 '

Why random ? The Reward Pool is limited.

3. Airdrops For All

These airdrops are for all participants, although those who win a lot are usually slightly rewarded, because the Reward Pool is divided by all the number of participants, there are also those whose rewards are many depending on the dev whether to give small or large rewards.

4. Testnet Airdrops

Testnet is testing a platform from a project, usually we are told to test whether it is feasible what has not been launched, testnet does not take capital, but we take it from the faucet, faucet tokens we use to test features on the web, for example: swap, add liquidity, farming, borrow, etc.

There are random rewards, top contributors, and all testers. Not all projects that hold testnets have rewards.

5. Retroactive Airdrops

Same as testnet but, we try it on the mainnet (native platform) usually dev rewards early users who swap, add Lp, and farm on the web.

6. NFT airdrops

The reward is in the form of nft, the price depends on the floor. It is obtained from working on tasks.

7. Instant Airdrops Claim

We are told to do the task, and get tokens instantly.

Then when you're going to do what you have to do, how can you make money? 

Find information on the project channel when and on how many days the token is open market. 

If you already know and the market is already open, you can swap

If you're landing an NFT airdrop what should you do ?

Put the floor price above the sales price, mint, so that when it sells, it can feel the profit. Do not put the price on the floor price or damage the floor price.

What address should be used?

- when dev asks for address 0x , you just give me the eth address from metamask / trustwallet / tokenpocket 

- when landing but different networks, stay in the RPC set

When dev asks for Solana address?

- you guys give you an address sollet, phantom, don't from exchange

When dev asks for TRX address?

- can be from TrustWallet/Tokenpocket

If the address of the project application?

- download, and create an address then give the address of the application (if the project has a wallet app)

never give the address of the exchange when participating in an airdrop.

if you have any questions, please fill in the comments column guys I will help as much as possible

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