Full List of Faucets for Testnet 2022

Full list of Faucets for Testnet 2022

Faucet for testnet crypto currency

Are you in need of a faucet to work on a testnet? I have provided below for your needs. And it will always be updated if there is a new faucet. Have a great time doing it

1. Faucet Binance Testnet

Get here : https://testnet.binance.org/faucet-smart
Wallet : Metamask

2. Faucet AVAX Testnet

Wallet : Metamask
Get here :

3. Faucet token LINK and ETH Testnet

Note :  Must Connect wallet before get faucet
Wallet : Metamask
  • Arbitrum Rinkeby
  • Avalanche Fuji
  • BNB Chain Testnet
  • Ethereum Kovan
  • Ethereum Rinkeby
  • Fantom Testnet
  • Harmony Testnet
  • POA Network Sokol
  • Polygon Mumbai
Get here : https://faucets.chain.link/

4. Multi Faucet ETH wETH DAI Testnet

Wallet : Metamask
Note : Must Connect Twitter Account
  • Ropsten
  • Kovan
  • Rinkeby
  • Goerli
  • Optimistic Kovan
  • Polygon Mumbai
  • Arbitrum Rinkeby
  • Moonbase Alpha
Regist and Get here : https://faucet.paradigm.xyz/

5. Faucet Aurora Testnet

Get here : https://aurora.dev/faucet
Wallet : Metamask

6. Faucet Algorand

Get here : https://bank.testnet.algorand.network/
Wallet : https://wallet.myalgo.com/

7. Faucet ADA cardano Testnet

Get here : https://testnets.cardano.org/en/testnets/cardano/tools/faucet/
Wallet : Flint wallet or Nami
Note : From flint wallet can be sent to Metamask

8. Faucet ASTAR network Testnet

Get here : https://as-faucet.xyz/astar#
Note : Must Connect Your Wallet
Wallet : Metamask

9. Solana Faucet for Testnet and Devnet

Wallet : Phantom
Get here :

10. USDC Testnet Faucet

Get here select your chain : https://usdcfaucet.com/

11. Faucet CUBE network Testnet

Get here : https://faucet.cube.network/
Wallet : Metamask

12. Faucet WAVES for Testnet

Wallet : Keeper
Get here : https://testnet.wavesexplorer.com/faucet

13. ZIL faucet for Testnet

Get here : https://dev-wallet.zilliqa.com/faucet?network=testnet
Wallet : Zillpay

14. ETH Goerli testnet

Get here : https://faucet.goerli.starknet.io/
Wallet : Metamask

15. Faucet Evmos devnet

Get here : https://faucet.evmos.dev/
Wallet : Metamask

will be updated here for the latest faucets

Thanks you

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