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Complete Understanding Of Airdrops Cryptocurrency For Beginners 

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Explanation What is Airdrop?

In my personal opinion, the airdrop is an event with free token prizes by doing social media tasks. The developer asks us to follow all his social media to get the token.

in addition to aiming to get tokens, the developer created the event to attract investors and find a community so that the project could be famous among many people.

Event Duration ?

Usually 1 - 3 months, some are up to 1 - 3 years depending on the dev.

When is the Distribution Airdrop?

Fastest count of days, count of weeks - 3 months, Longest 1 - 3 years

What wallets are used for airdrops ? 

1. Trustwallet : 

The wallet is multi-functional and has many networks, for example, the dev asks for your ERC20 address, just COPY THE ETH Address, as well as the BEP20 / BSC address, Just Copy the Eth Trustwallet Address, because the same is just a different Network.

2. Tronlink : 

The wallet is used in the TRC20 network, for example the developer asks for the input address of TRX TRC20, just COPY the address of TRX

3. TokenPocket : 

The wallet is used in the HECO network, HECO is a Huobi Eco Chain network, for example the developer asks for an HT / HRC20 input address, you just copy the HT Wallet, the HT wallet is similar to ERC20 & BEP20 which distinguishes only network networks.

4. Wombat Wallet / Eoslynx : 

The wallet is used on the EOS network, it is rare to airdrop on the EOS Platform, for example there is an airdrop with the EOS wallet, you just copy the wallet username, here to get full access you have to pay a few dollars.

5. Math Wallet : 

Same as Trustwallet but small number of wallets. Not much in demand for this wallet

6. SafePal : 

Multi-functional wallet like Trustwallet. There is also hardware for this wallet 

Swap ETH Network ?

  • 1. Uniswap.org
  • 2. 1INCH
  • 3. Mooniswap

Average ETH Network Swap on Uniswap

Swap BSC Network?

  • 1. Pancakeswap.finance
  • 2. beefy.finance
  • 3. bakeryswap.org
  • 4. Julswap.com

Most famous today is Pancakeswap

Market Exchange Popular ?

  • 1. Binance
  • 2. Upbit
  • 3. Hotbit
  • 4. MXC
  • 5. Latoken
  • 6. Indodax
  • 7. Huobi
  • 8. Okex
  • 9. Bittrex
  • 10. FTX
  • 11. Gate.io 
  • 12. Tokocrypto

Today's popular exchange market is Binance 

How to sell airdrop tokens? 

You just paste the smart contract / sc address then install Slippage 1% - 2.5% if the Liquidity is tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

5% slippage is used if the liquidity is small or large and you want transactions in a fast process, this has the effect of ETH / USDT / BSC that you get reduced

GWEI gas during swaps also affects the queue,

suppose you swap on the ETH network simply plus +5 to +10 gwei

suppose you swap on the BSC network just use gwei gas as necessary.

KYC Market ?

Yes Clear KYC to raise the Withdrawal Limit to be bigger

Fees Withdraw Market ?

Please check for yourself at the market

Market free withdrawal fee?

FTX, you withdraw anything freely without fees.

USD Is most often in what network to look for?



The USD net above is most often used to send because the fee is small.

Terms you should know in the Cryptocurrency 

Profit ?

Profit is the profit that is earned.

Rekt ?

Rekt is that you lose can't make a profit

Buy ?

Buying a token/coin on the Market/Exchange

Sell ?

Selling tokens/coins for fiat/funds

Hodl ?

Hodl is holding tokens / coins in wallets or Exchanges due to waiting for high prices


The token rises high and above, Just like flying to the moon 


The price token is downhill

Maintenance ?

Improvements made by exchanges or developers to upgrade the server


The project is a scam committed by dev. 

Rugpull ?

The developer sells all the tokens on the market / Exchange and makes the price of the token a severe dump, it can be said to be a scam and the price is up to 0 or -99%


Scammers, usually after you send money, you will be blocked


Spreading fear and misinformation to make a profit so that the token dumps, as well as having the aim of influencing market sentiment so that the price experiences a correction

Vesting ? 

is where the coins you have are limited, which means that all the tokens you have cannot be traded at all. Only a few percent can be traded 

Thank you for reading, hopefully your insight will increase after reading this, don't forget to come back here

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